TSA’s Conflict Of Interest

By Jennifer Moreale
Reason Foundation’s director of transportation policy Robert Poole offers a compelling argument for reforming airline security. His argument focuses on the conflicts of interest faced by the Transportation Security Administration. Established after 9/11, the TSA is a federal agency having both the job of screening passengers and baggage at airports and the job of regulating...

TAGS: Free Market, Privatization, Reason Foundation, Robert Poole, Transportation Security Administration

Privatizing Federal Assets And Operations

By Jennifer Moreale
Most people agree that federal organizations such as the US Postal Service and Amtrak are far from being efficient. However, little has been done to improve their operations. On this matter, Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute makes a number of interesting points in Downsizing The Federal Government. Edwards argues for the privatization of several...

TAGS: Amtrak, Cato Institute, Chris Edwards, Downsizing The Federal Government, Free Market, Privatization, US Postal Service

Louisiana’s Commission on Streamlining Government

By Kevin Kane
One of the bills to watch in this legislative session is SB 261, the companion piece to Bobby Jindal’s executive order establishing the Commission on Streamlining Government. I will have more to say about this bill, which should be heard in committee this week. To understand the significance of the Commission, I recommend this blog...

TAGS: Privatization, Streamlining Government

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