Smart on Sentencing, Smart on Crime: An Argument for Reforming Louisiana’s Determinate Sentencing Laws

By Margaret Viator
A new study details how Louisiana can reduce its prison population and corrections spending without lessening public safety by eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent offenders and reforming its habitual offender law.

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Louisiana Next in Line for Arizona Illegal Immigration Bill, and Its Consequences

By Robert Ross
Arizona’s controversial immigration law is coming to Louisiana, at least if Rep. Ernest Wooton’s (I - Belle Chasse) “Louisiana Citizens Protection Act” passes. The bill specifically targets people who hire day laborers off the streets,.

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New Nonpartisan Toolkit for Budget Reform

By Fergus Hodgson
Led by Louisiana’s Noble Ellington, ALEC promotes “priority-based budgeting” NEW ORLEANS, La. – The American Legislative Exchange Council has released its “State Budget Reform Toolkit,” a plan for resolving fiscal shortfalls without increased taxation, raids of rainy-day funds, or reliance on federal funds. ALEC’s toolkit comes as Louisiana faces a projected $1.6 billion deficit for...

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Jindal’s Prison Privatization Proposal Must be Properly Structured, But Can Generate Savings, Spokesman Says

By Fergus Hodgson
Corrections System the Second-Fastest Growing Part of State Budgets By Kevin Mooney While some high profile state officials have expressed skepticism toward the idea of selling off state correctional facilities, a spokesman for Gov. Bobby Jindal says the proposal can be structured to alleviate costs and “right size” state government.

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TSA’s Conflict Of Interest

By Jennifer Moreale
Reason Foundation’s director of transportation policy Robert Poole offers a compelling argument for reforming airline security. His argument focuses on the conflicts of interest faced by the Transportation Security Administration. Established after 9/11, the TSA is a federal agency having both the job of screening passengers and baggage at airports and the job of regulating...

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