Commentary: Obama’s Renewed Commitment to Card Check a Cause for Alarm

By Jamison Beuerman
The President has been busy catering to his union allies, even to the point of soliciting them for funding to keep Democrats in office in upcoming elections. As part of his appeal to unions for political and material support, the President promised reinvigorated efforts to muscle into law the “Employee Free Choice Act,” commonly known...

TAGS: AFL-CIO, Card Check, Employee Free Choice Act, John Kline, Labor, Obama, SEIU

Commentary: Public Backlash Against Union Abuses Finally Taking Shape

By Jamison Beuerman
A number of media outlets in the past few weeks have been assailing teachers’ and government workers’ unions for their implacable greed. It is important to draw the distinction between unions and their original purpose and unions in their current manifestation as politicized goliaths. When unions began forming, their grievances were well-founded . Hours and...

TAGS: City Journal, SEIU, teachers unions

California’s Failure a Lesson for Other States

By Jennifer Moreale
In a previous blog post we noted that public-sector unions impose higher labor costs, increase public debt, and lower the state’s management quality. The end result of the growth of public sector unions can be seen in California. A member of California’s Service Employees International Union (SEIU) was recorded saying “We helped to get you...

TAGS: California, City Journal, Labor, SEIU, Steven Malanga, UAW

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