Principles for Broadband Expansion with the American Rescue Plan of 2021

Louisiana’s state and local governments will be receiving approximately $5.18 billion from the federal government because of the American Rescue Plan of 2021. Part of that $5.18 billion is earmarked for water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure projects. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that many rural areas still struggle with broadband internet access.  Louisiana policymakers should invest...

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Should Government Regulate Social Media?

by Eric Peterson, Director, Pelican Center for Technology and Innovation Policy It seems nearly every week that some controversy or debate arises on the impact of social media in our lives. These debates took center stage this week when multiple big tech companies made a moderating decision about a major news outlet’s story this week....

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Officials Misusing the Term Monopoly to Further Political Goals

Last Wednesday’s Congressional antitrust hearing often had little to do with actual discussions of antitrust and instead, served as a platform for Congress to air their pet grievances to some of the nation’s largest tech firms. During the more than four-hour hearing, I couldn’t help thinking of the Inigo Montoya’s often quoted line from The...

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Pelican, Partners Release Policy Solutions to Close State Digital Divides

As connectivity has become more important than ever, elected officials at all levels of government are facing issues, challenges, and opportunities that have previously been largely unexplored. To that end, today, the Pelican Institute joined other public policy groups across the nation in releasing policy solutions to help states close the digital divide following COVID-19. This...

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TECH NEWS: Pelican Leads Coalition Supporting A Free and Open Internet

Since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), led by Chairman Ajit Pai, ended the regulation of the internet under Title II, investment in broadband infrastructure has continued to increase. Now that we’re facing a public health crisis posed by COVID-19, this increase in broadband capacity is more important than ever. That’s why when the FCC recently...

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Pelican Responds to Calls to Extend Louisiana School Closures

This week, the Louisiana Superintendents Association requested Gov. John Bel Edwards to close schools across the state for the remainder of the education year. The following is a statement from Ethan Melancon, director of education policy at the Pelican Institute, in response to this request. “While we understand Louisiana’s leaders continue the fight to contain...

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What Louisiana’s Government Should and Shouldn’t Do During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Louisiana, the response by the governor and the various boards of the state has been swift and far-reaching. The Pelican Institute appreciates their efforts to remove red tape in areas like telemedicine and delaying tax payments for hard-working Louisianans, which is critical in a time of economic crisis...

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