The Case for Tort Reform in Louisiana

By Sarah Harbison
If Louisiana wants to lower its cost of living, attract more businesses and ultimately improve its economy as a whole, tort reform is necessary. These simple reforms are nothing radical. They would simply bring Louisiana up to speed with the rest of the nation.

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Guest Commentary: Oil Spill Settlement Makes Lawyers, Administrators Rich While Disaster Victims Await Payments

By Margaret Viator
BATON ROUGE, LA- Nearly five years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, a legal watchdog group is calling into question who is benefiting most from the unprecedented class action settlement set up to compensate victims in the aftermath of the 2010 oil spill. “Class action lawsuits are notorious for producing highly...

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Louisiana Lands on “Judicial Hellholes” Watch List Again

By Robert Ross
With astonishing multi-million dollar verdicts being rendered nearly every other week, and laws and judges that seem to give plaintiffs the upper hand in legal proceedings regardless of the facts of the case—it is no wonder that we’ve become a regular on the Hellholes watch list.

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Louisiana Can Learn a Lot from Texas About Creating Jobs, Cutting Lawsuits

By Editor
When it comes to the very important issue of legal reform, we are worlds apart. Despite the fact that residents in both Louisiana and Texas share the common goals of creating jobs and cutting down on lawsuit abuse, we have chosen remarkably different paths to address these issues.

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