Commentary: Finding a Middle Ground on Traffic Cameras

By Jamison Beuerman
The State Legislature has essentially killed a bill that would have done away with the much-maligned red light/traffic cameras. House Bill 160 byRep. Jeff Arnold (D-Algiers) was the first of five which sought to either eliminate or place restrictions on the implementation of these cameras. While proponents of the cameras have repeated the chorus that...

TAGS: Jeff Arnold, Jeffrey Sadow, State Legislature, Traffic Cameras

Another Victory Over Red-Light Cameras

By James Plummer
Due process won a victory in New Orleans last week. A civil court appeals judge threw out a traffic ticket (for a right turn on red) because there was no human witness to the infraction. The ruling comes a few months after Jefferson Parish temporarily suspended the program amid questions about the propriety of a...

TAGS: Joe McMahon, Traffic Cameras

Commentary: Traffic Cameras Not the Answer for New Orleans

By Jamison Beuerman
NPR reports on a public backlash in Arizona against the state’s use of highway traffic cameras, similar to the controversial cameras in New Orleans. This has resulted in Governor Jan Brewer announcing that she will not renew the state’s contract with Redflex, the Australian “photo enforcement” company hired to install and maintain the cameras. Meanwhile,...

TAGS: Jan Brewer, Jefferson Parish, New Orleans, NPR, Redflex, Traffic Cameras

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