What Louisiana’s Government Should and Shouldn’t Do During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact Louisiana, the response by the governor and the various boards of the state has been swift and far-reaching. The Pelican Institute appreciates their efforts to remove red tape in areas like telemedicine and delaying tax payments for hard-working Louisianans, which is critical in a time of economic crisis...

TAGS: regulation, regulatory reform, technology, Transparency

Louisianans Deserve Transparency in Education Spending

Despite spending more on education than most of its neighbors, Louisiana is producing worse outcomes for its students and paying its teachers less. Solving this problem is made more difficult by the lack of transparency around the details of exactly how and where taxpayer dollars are being spent on education. While we know Louisiana spends...

TAGS: Education Reform, Transparency

Union Members Deserve to Know How Their Money is Spent

For years, the Pelican Institute has maintained its position as an outspoken advocate for transparency in government. Whether it has been education spending or spending on construction projects, the Pelican Institute believes you should know where your hard-earned tax dollars are going. It was with this principle in mind that the Pelican Institute recently submitted...

TAGS: public sector unions, Transparency

Missed Opportunities During Legislative Session Increases Importance of Fall 2019 Elections

With the 2019 regular legislative session coming to a close this week, the Pelican Institute wants to take some time to reflect on the victories achieved and opportunities missed by lawmakers. This was an abbreviated legislative session and that, combined with rapidly approaching fall elections, made chances for the possibility of enacting transformational policy reforms...

TAGS: Budget, Education Reform, Free Market, Louisiana, Louisiana Legislature, Medicaid, Taxes, Transparency

While Louisiana is Sinking, Many Are Concerned with Re-arranging the Deck Chairs

It’s no secret to the people of Louisiana that things aren’t going well. The state has a shrinking labor force, an antiquated budget system, a struggling education system and a backlog of infrastructure projects that are in need of addressing. Given these issues, it’s no surprise that there is a sizable population that is leaving...

TAGS: Budget, Education Reform, Louisiana, Louisiana Legislature, Medicaid, Transparency

Guest Commentary: Let the Sunshine In!

By Robert Ross
Now is the time for real openness and transparency when private lawyers are hired by the Attorney General to work for Louisiana taxpayers. This practice should not be done behind closed doors, as it is now.

TAGS: Transparency

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