State Job Numbers Are No Cause for Celebration

By Daniel J. Erspamer
As Louisianans celebrate a vastly different kind of Mardi Gras this year, the latest economic data shows that COVID-19 has resulted in far more than cancelled parades. State and local government officials’ response to the pandemic has also led to significant job losses. Louisiana’s new economic data shows that while the number of Louisianans on...

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Despite hiccups, Louisiana economy slowly moving forward

by Eric Peterson, Director of Policy As 2020 winds down, I can’t help but reflect on the difficulties we’ve all experienced, both on the health and economic fronts, throughout this year. Fortunately, as a vaccine appears within reach, so too is a return to a strong economy. The latest jobs release from the Bureau of...

TAGS: Bureau Of Labor Statistics, COVID-19, Mardi Gras, tax reform, Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment Rate

Unemployment Fraud in Louisiana?

By Daniel J. Erspamer
Two weeks ago, it appeared as though the Louisiana economy was once again headed for darker times. As other states were reinstituting stricter lockdown penalties and Mayor LaToya Cantrell was canceling Mardi Gras, the number of new Louisiana unemployment claims skyrocketed to over 40,000. It seemed the lack of travel to Louisiana might have resulted in...

TAGS: COVID-19, fraud, Louisiana Workforce Commission, Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance

New Report Reveals Extent of Damage from COVID-19 and Shutdowns

Current methods for collecting economic data causes a disconnect between what people are actually feeling in their lives and the numbers being released to the public. That’s why prior to this week, we knew that COVID-19 and subsequent shutdowns have made large impacts on the American economy, but we didn’t know the full scope of...

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Initial Unemployment Claims Spike Following Bar Closures

After faint signs of hope of economic recovery in recent weeks, the decision to shut down bars for the second time seems to be taking a toll on Louisianans’ livelihoods. Governor John Bel Edwards issued the order to close all bars in the state on July 13. The Department of Labor released its latest unemployment data Thursday, and the...

TAGS: COVID-19, Department of Labor, Get Louisiana Working, initial unemployment, Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment Rate

Some Good News in Latest Jobs Numbers, But Will They Hold?

Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its latest state-by-state jobs numbers, which featured some overall good news for Louisiana. The state’s June unemployment rate dropped by 4.5 percent, dipping under 10 percent for the first time in months. While this headline shows some improvement in Louisiana’s economic situation, there are reasons to take...

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July Sees Major Spike in Louisiana Unemployment Claims

Following the revelation that Louisiana suffered one of the worst Q1 economic declines in the nation, today’s weekly unemployment claims announcement contains even more bad news for Louisianans. Despite remaining steady over the past six weeks, the Department of Labor reports the week of July 4 saw a 45 percent increase in the number of...

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