Constitutional Amendment 4 is putting budget stability and predictability on the ballot this fall in Louisiana, and groups across the state are voicing their support for the good government measure.

If passed on Nov. 3, Constitutional Amendment 4 will significantly improve Louisiana’s status quo approach to budgeting, which has led our state lurching from one fiscal cliff to the next, with little accountability for how taxpayer dollars are being spent. By putting a strong cap on spending and limiting aligning spending growth with the growth of our population, economy, and personal incomes, Amendment 4 will make our state government more stable and predictable.

If there’s one thing job creators like, it’s government stability and predictability. That’s why good government and economic development groups across Louisiana are supporting Amendment 4. By making Louisiana more encouraging to entrepreneurs, we will encourage job growth that provides a better life and strengthens our state’s working families.

After all that’s happened this year, we need to do everything we can to make Louisiana more inviting to job seekers and creators. Amendment 4 is an important step toward making our state more competitive, and ultimately, better prepared for the next time disaster strikes.

To date, the following organizations have come out in support of Constitutional Amendment 4: GNO, Inc; GNOR PAC; Greater Baton Rouge Business Report; House Republican Caucus; Jefferson Business Council; Jefferson Chamber; LABI; Louisiana Family Forum; Louisiana Republican Party; and OneAcadiana.