As the conversation heats up in advance of next year’s legislative session (and statewide elections) about the need for fundamental tax reform in Louisiana, many questions abound. Can we eliminate the state income tax? How would you go about doing it? What are the benefits? Can it happen this year, and, if not, are there steps to take in the meantime?

There’s no doubt: it’s time for big, sweeping reforms to Louisiana’s complex and convoluted tax code. We need a simple, predictable code that fosters the real job growth and allows opportunity to flourish. Getting there will be complex, politically-challenging, and may take some time, but the opportunity – and urgency – couldn’t be clearer. Louisiana has assets other states and nations only dream of: big ports, the Mississippi River, oil and natural gas, beautiful natural resources for sporting, culture, music, and food. We should be an economic and cultural powerhouse. Instead, we send our best and brightest to friendlier states that are booming.

The approval of Amendment Two in 2021 kicked off Louisiana’s march to opportunity and fundamental tax reform. The legislature kept moving forward this past year. Now, will they take the next steps?

To cover all that – and more! – I joined WWL morning radio host Tommy Tucker in studio last week: