Earlier this year, President Donald Trump issued an executive order related to free speech online. As part of this order, the President asked the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to submit a petition for rulemaking to the Federal Communications Commission regarding Section 230.

Section 230, known as the backbone of free speech online, provides that websites are not liable for the content created by their users. Over the years, Section 230 has allowed everything from online reviews, social media, and free discourse to flourish.

The NTIA petition asks for the FCC to “clarify” various parts of Section 230, which would inevitably lead to the stifling of free speech online.

The Pelican Center for Technology and Innovation recently submitted comments opposing the FCC wading into this issue. Historically, any time the FCC involves itself in free speech issues, it has become politicized and ultimately hurts the speech rights of all Americans.

Click here to read the Center’s full comments, which provides a fascinating overview of the FCC’s past speech regulations and also highlights the importance of Section 230 to open and free discourse online.