One of the hottest topics in public policy today is the world of technology and innovation. At no cost to your organization, we have provided a few one-pagers and studies on important policy areas like broadband and antitrust, as well as some social media graphics to which we are happy to add your organization’s logo and state-specific information. Scroll to view these resources, and click to download!

States play an increasingly important role in fostering an environment of innovation. The following paper examines some ways the federal government and states currently think about regulating technology policy. It then lays out principles for state lawmakers to consider when regulating emerging technologies: Avoid pre-emptive regulations on emerging technology; examine whether current laws can be applied to new technologies; use emerging technology as an opportunity to reduce regulation in legacy industries; and create statewide frameworks to ensure regulatory certainty.


As courts, Congress, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Trade Commission consider foundational issues of antitrust law and enforcement, states should take this opportunity to reassess their role in the antitrust ecosystem. All of this activity, however, leaves open the question of whether states should play a leading role in antitrust enforcement. Click to view the full report.


Thanks to an exciting innovation from the Libertas Institute, sandboxes have recently burst onto the scene. Sandboxes allow flexibility in regulatory structures to let businesses and regulators work together to form new rules that better fit these new products while promoting the growth of jobs and opportunities through new and innovative businesses. Click to view and download this one-pager.


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