Veteran reporter to provide investigative coverage

NEW ORLEANS, La. – Jeremy Alford, an award-winning freelance journalist, will begin contributing investigative reports this month that will appear exclusively on, the website of The Pelican Institute for Public Policy.

A veteran political reporter, Alford’s writings have been published throughout Louisiana as well as in The New York Times, Dallas Morning News, and Campaigns & Elections magazine. In July, he wrapped up production on a five-monthlong series called GulfWatch, which focused on the 2010 oil spill and was funded through a grant by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Beginning in September, Alford will provide ongoing investigative reports published twice a month exclusively on, covering local and state governments, elected officials and public policy issues.

“Jeremy is a first-rate investigative reporter who knows the inner workings of state politics and how they affect the public,” says Pelican Institute President Kevin Kane. “His reporting for us will help illuminate critical public-policy issues and promote accountability from our elected officials.”

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