Louisiana has six companies in Fortune Magazine’s annual list of the largest corporations in America. Unfortunately, with over 1000 companies listed, six a fairly paltry number–though it is more than in years past.

Entergy Corp., the New Orleans utility, weighed in at no. 205 with revenue of $13 billion. Shaw Group, the Baton Rouge construction and engineering firm, landed the 357th spot, and Monroe telecommunications provider CenturyTel secured the 753rd spot. Albemarle of Baton Rouge, Superior Energy Services of New Orleans, and Pool Corp. of Covington were 788th, 933rd and 966th respectively.

Of course, Louisiana’s representation on this list, or lack thereof, is a problem that can be cured with better policy. Lowering the corporate income tax in Louisiana would significantly raise the rank of many of the companies already on the list and help to add new companies to the list. Louisiana should look to Texas, with sixty-four companies on the list, to see how business-friendly policies can help attract and retain investment.