Give Every Kid A School That Fits

Give Every Kid A School That Fits

It's time to write Louisiana's Comeback Story

In spite of several targeted education reforms that have produced incremental progress, Louisiana remains at the bottom for student achievement nationally. Many parents lack quality educational options for their kids. This not only limits opportunity for individuals, but it constrains Louisiana’s future. For the next generation to find prosperity and for Louisiana to flourish, children must have access to an excellent foundation of education – not just a minimum foundation of education – that allows them to reach their full potential.

Each kid is unique, with different abilities, learning styles, and challenges. What works for one may not work for another, even in a “good” school. Parents understand this better than anyone, and when they have the ability to select the school or educational environment that works best for their child – whether it’s public, private, or homeschool – every kid can excel, every sector of the education system grows, and Louisiana prospers.

To succeed in the future, Louisiana needs to embrace transformational reforms in education, including: enacting universal educational scholarship accounts; protecting educational freedom; restoring charter school autonomy; improving quality assurance for public schools where kids are assigned; improving teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention; and ensuring transparency for parents and taxpayers.

Enacting these solutions will enable every Louisiana child to receive a great education that will enable them and Louisiana to thrive. Read more about Pelican’s Education Comeback Agenda here.

Measuring Our Schools

Understanding the data is extremely important in evaluating trends associated with, and the performance of, Louisiana’s elementary and secondary education system. With this in mind, the Pelican Institute has created a dashboard that provides insights and comparable data on student enrollment, finances, and academic performance. View our Louisiana Educational Dashboard here.

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