Coalition Calls for Responsible Budget, Tax Relief

Coalition Calls for Responsible Budget, Tax Relief

The Pelican Institute is proud to partner with a coalition of groups that are joining together to call for a responsible budget and tax relief. This year, lawmakers have a unique and significant opportunity to make a real difference for the future of Louisiana by adopting responsible budgets for the remainder of the current year and for fiscal year 2024.

To that end, the coalition is supporting the following fiscal principles:

  • Avoid exceeding the expenditure limit to grow government.
  • Fully fund the Rainy-Day Fund to save for the future and hit revenue triggers to lower individual income and corporate franchise taxes as promised.
  • Pay down long-term debt to free up future budget resources and invest in our state workers’ retirements.
  • Ensure spending of one time surplus and excess revenues are on genuinely shovel-ready transportation and infrastructure projects.

We urge the Louisiana Legislature to utilize these principles to adopt a responsible budget, while giving taxpayers modest relief in their paychecks. This will set our state on a path toward a solid fiscal future, creating a foundation of economic growth and prosperity for all Louisianans.

Tax & Budget Coalition Statement

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