As hard as we try, not every school in Louisiana works for every child. So, we need to work to make sure every kid has access to a school that fits their needs.

We want everything else in life to fit. Why shouldn’t education?

Solutions to Help Every Kid Succeed

How do we make sure every Louisiana kid gets the education they deserve? Watch this video and read our 8-point summary below. Then sign up to join the fight!

  1. Empower parents by expanding school choice programs
  2. Expand school choice scholarships to all Louisiana students
  3. Introduce new options, such as Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs)
  4. Promote Course Choice initiatives to allow students in rural and smaller school districts the same learning opportunities as the rest of the state’s students
  5. Empower quality, high performing teachers
  6. Reform merit pay and teacher tenure
  7. Transform the state’s public schools to give the same flexibility and accountability as charter schools
  8. Encourage new educational options, including high-quality career and technical educational programs

Download our 2-page summary on education reform in Louisiana here.

Download our full “Jobs and Opportunity Agenda: Education Reform” report here.

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