“I grew up in public school, which is one of the reasons I chose private school for my children. In this area, you cannot choose the school that you want your child to go to. It is whatever school is assigned to that district. So you don’t have a choice.”

“We were trying to figure out how we would afford a private school. Their father did pass away, so it’s just me. It’s hard.”

“Parkview has always been known as one of the best schools to go to in Baton Rouge. It’s got an excellent education, faith-based, you never have to change schools. So the kids are there from 2 years old all the way to 12th grade.”

“We get more support at Parkview than I think that we would have gotten at any public school. There’s so many different programs that Parkview offers if your child is maybe struggling with reading, or in math.”

“They give you that extra tutoring during the week. They offer the before-care, aftercare, so they work around my schedule.”

“I work in Baton Rouge so it’s actually very convenient for me to be able to bring my kids to school in Baton Rouge because if they had to go to school here, in Livingston Parish, I don’t know how I would get them off the bus. I’m not sure know how parents do it. Our lives would be very different.”

“The Ace Scholarship helps me be in charge of my children’s education. I wish that more families knew about it. I think that we’re very blessed to be able to choose the school that we want. Parkview has become part of our family.”

“As a parent, it’s our responsibility to give them the best that we can give them, and to set them up to have a good life.”

– Samantha Custer | Parent | Livingston Parish, LA