Why is Louisiana consistently ranked at the bottom when it comes to education even though we outspend our neighbors on our cost per student?

A new poll shows that 94% of Louisianans agree that we need financial transparency in our school districts. Since our costs are so high and our outcomes are so bad, taxpayers deserve to know where their tax dollars are being spent.

Its time to put children in Louisiana first and figure out why the money we are spending on education is not improving results. Financial transparency is overwhelmingly popular among Louisianans and needs to be implemented.

There is already a model for the implementation of a transparency checkbook in Lafayette. The Lafayette Parish School Board created a transparency website for their school district that lays out the finances of the district in a simple to understand way.

Its clear that the people of Louisiana want transparency in their schools. Its time to open the books and improve our education system to set Louisiana’s children up for a bright future.

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