Louisiana’s tax code is a mess. The complexity of our tax code has led to a decrease in investment in our state and a failure to bring new jobs and opportunities to Louisiana. With a dim outlook in Louisiana, our friends and family must make a choice, stay in Louisiana or pursue opportunities elsewhere.

The constant lack of jobs and opportunities have made those closest to us leaving our state an all too familiar story among Louisianans. People should not have to decide between living near their families or taking a job in another state to provide for their children.

The good news? There is a step we can take to stop this cycle.

Reforming our tax code to be simple, flat, and fair will increase investment and jobs in the Pelican state. Just by reforming our tax code we are projected to see a 4% increase in our GDP. Our tax code should not be a hurdle that entrepreneurs have to hire a team of tax professionals to overcome. Instead, the tax code should be simple, so it makes it easy to create jobs and opportunities for our residents.

The Louisiana legislature is taking up the tax reform mantle this year. By reforming our tax code, we will create a tax system that is drastically simpler and sets us up for job creation and economic growth.

Coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the best time to put reforms in place to boost Louisiana’s economic growth and job opportunities. Tax reform will create an economy that will allow our citizens to stay in Louisiana while providing for their families.