The Cato Institute has released this year’s edition of the “Freedom In the 50 States” index. Louisiana ranked below average in the study, which looked at state and local policies within the “fiscal, regulatory and personal realms” and used those policies to create a numerical list to rank all 50 states.

Among the issues noted in the study were Louisiana’s extremely high incarceration rates, a worse-than-average asset forfeiture system, and “notoriously bad” occupational licensing laws.

The Center Square’s William Patrick has more:

“’As of this writing, it is still the only state to license florists – out of a concern for public health and safety, no doubt,” the report said. “Nurses and dental hygienists have very little freedom of practice, but physician assistants gained additional prescription authority in 2018.’”

“A review of state-issued licensures shows dozens of occupational categories, and many are low-risk professions, such as barbers, auctioneers and cosmetologists.”

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