Pelican Statement: Governor Vetoes Rural Broadband

Pelican Statement: Governor Vetoes Rural Broadband

On Friday, Governor John Bel Edwards’ vetoed an important piece of legislation for connecting Louisianans to high speed internet. SB 406 by Senator Beth Mizell would have removed government barriers that are preventing countless Louisianans from getting connected.

The following is a statement from Daniel Erspamer, chief executive officer of the Pelican Institute, regarding Gov. Edwards’ veto of SB 406.

“As students, workers, medical practitioners, and others around Louisiana have become increasingly reliant on online connections, closing the digital divide in our state has become more critical than ever. SB 406 earned more than 100 cosponsors, and more than 600 Louisianans wrote Governor Edwards to urge him to sign it. It is disappointing to see Governor Edwards veto a bill that has earned such broad support and would have helped connect countless Louisianans to high-speed internet. We thank Senator Beth Mizell for her tireless efforts to close the digital divide.”

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