On Monday, in a major win for policies to Get Louisiana Working, Governor John Bel Edwards signed Representative Beau Beaullieu’s HB 469 into law. HB 469 reforms our state budget process to rein in reckless spending. Over the last few years Louisiana’s general fund has grown by nearly 12 percent, while our population has decreased and economic growth indicators have remained flat, at best.

HB 469 will help to keep state spending under control and ensure our government makes better use of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. The following is a statement from Daniel Erspamer, chief executive officer of the Pelican Institute, regarding Gov. Edwards’ signing of HB 469 into law.

“This critical legislation responsibly limits government spending growth and adds much-needed reform to Louisiana’s out-of-control budget process. Our state’s status quo approach to budgeting has led us lurching from one fiscal cliff to the next, but thanks to Representative Beau Beaullieu’s work and Governor Edwards’ signature, we have greater accountability for the use of taxpayer dollars. With COVID-19 and the state’s economic shutdown, common-sense approaches to budgeting like this are more important than ever before.”

Watch Representative Beaullieu explain the importance HB 469 to Louisiana’s future: