“My elderly clients are my absolute favorite. I just adore them.”

“My reason for doing Glamour on the Geaux is to reach those that can’t get out”

“When it came time for inspection, to get licensed, the inspector came out and she said ‘Jennifer, we don’t license mobile salons. You have the license, but it’s attached to your address. You can’t take it anywhere.'”

“I can’t stay at home and do hair when I’m trying to get to these people that need me.”

“This was my passion. This was my heart. I don’t understand. Where does it say that in the rulebook?”

“There was a lot of work that went into this.”

“Because I was dealing with the elderly and disabled community, I wasn’t under the rules for the state board of cosmetology. It was transferred over to the Department of Health and Hospitals, so I was free to go for those clients.”

“I can’t see myself doing anything else and that’s why I think I worry about it so much. It’s more than just a job.”

“Every year when I go to renew, something might change, they might change their mind.”

“This can be taken from you any day.”

– Jennifer Menard |  Mobile Cosmetologist | Bossier City, LA