Economic Shocks Should Signal Spending Restraint from Lawmakers

With tens of thousands of Louisianans now out of a job due to effects of the spread of COVID-19, household budgets are being reviewed and adjusted to ensure families stay afloat during this uncertain period. But while individuals and families across Louisiana are facing the largest and most immediate financial impacts of this crisis, the...

TAGS: balanced budget, Budget, Budget crisis, Government Spending, State Spending

Commentary: Governor Jindal and Mayor Landrieu Eliminate Government Vehicles, Save Taxpayers Money

By Jamison Beuerman
The past week has brought good news from both Governor Jindal and Mayor Landrieu regarding cutbacks in the number of employee take-home cars. As noted in a Times-Picayune editorial, when Governor Jindal took office, Louisiana’s fleet of employee cars was 10th largest in the nation. This is ludicrous, particularly when one considers the relative size...

TAGS: Bobby Jindal, Budget, Government Spending, Mitch Landrieu, Ray Nagin

Commentary: Cost of Government report sheds positive light on Louisiana, but national trend very alarming

By Jamison Beuerman
Last week, on August 19th, Americans for Tax Reform revealed their annual Cost of Government Day, which, according to ATR, is the day “on which the average American has earned enough gross income to pay off his or her share of the spending and regulatory burdens imposed by government on federal, state, and local levels.”...

TAGS: Americans for Tax Reform, Cost of Government Day, Government Spending, taxpayers

An Uncertain Future for America’s Economic Growth

By Jennifer Moreale
As of January 22, the current public debt totals more than $12.3 trillion. The Congressional Budget Office reports that if current laws and government spending remain the same, the budget for FY 2010 is estimated at more than $1.3 trillion. During the Middle Class Task Force meeting, Vice President Biden and President Obama announced new...

TAGS: Barack Obama, Congressional Budget Office, Federal Budget Deficit, Government Spending, Joe Biden, Middle Class Task Force, Tax Cuts

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