Bring Jobs and Opportunity Back to Louisiana!

Bring Jobs and Opportunity Back to Louisiana!

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Do you believe that Louisiana should be doing better? Be a part of a growing movement of real Louisianians you support policies which promote jobs and opportunity. Sign on now.

“I believe that Louisiana can encourage job creation, have world class healthcare, and provide a quality education for every child. I want to join the movement to get Louisiana on the path to jobs and opportunity.”

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By hitting submit above, you believe the Pelican State can:

  • Build a tax code that is both fair and simple
  • Create a legal climate that promotes prosperity and lowers insurance rates
  • Transition those on government assistance to the dignity of a great job
  • Fix a broken education system so each child has a school that fits his or her needs
  • Reform our broken state constitution to create a simple and flexible document that lays out principles similar to our United States Constitution

Together, we can make Louisiana the best state in the nation to live.

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